Posted Sept. 1, 2011



Tuesday, September 6th marks the start of a complete remodel of the Marin City Transit Hub, located just outside the Gateway Shopping Center on Donahue Street in Marin City. The work is being done by Team Ghilotti, Inc. under a contract with Marin County Public Works, and is anticipated to be completed by November 22.

During the remodel, Golden Gate Transit regional bus services including some Route 4s and all trips on Routes 10, 70, 80, 92 will be relocated to a temporary stop location on Drake Avenue, a short walk from the Marin City Shopping Center, directly across from the Marin City Public Safety Building. Marin Transit local routes including routes including routes 17, 19, 22, 36, 61 (West Marin Stagecoach), 66 (Muir Woods Shuttle), 71, and Community Shuttle Route 222 will also be temporarily relocated to the stop on Drake Avenue.

Customer information will be posted at the Marin City Transit Hub site directing customers to the nearby temporary bus stop on Drake.

The remodel will include new street surface, landscaping, lighting, and other passenger amenities such as new shelters, bike racks and signage improvements.

Golden Gate Transit does not predict an impact to the actual running times of the buses so bus schedules (arrivals and departures) will be maintained. The impacts will be felt more by those that initiate or terminate their travel in Marin City since they may have to walk a bit further to board and disembark at the temporary stop located very nearby on Drake as noted above.

Please contact Marin Transit for further information and updates on the construction schedule: or at 415-226-0862.

Click here for a map of the new location.