May 18, 2009

Customer Policies for New Golden Gate Transit Fareboxes Effective Monday, May18, 2009


Since March 16, 2009 (see related story), Golden Gate Transit (GGT) has been operating its bus fleet with newly installed new fare collect boxes (a.k.a. farebox). Since then, as both customers and bus operators transitioned to the new fareboxes, several farebox polices were treated with greater flexibility and not always strictly adhered to. For example, bus operators have been providing additional customers assistance by showing them how to get the farebox to accept their cash, or by reviewing transfers, value cards, and change cards. Bus operators were given the leeway to give passengers the benefit of the doubt if something was in question.

For more information or assistance with this new farebox system:

A great customer alternative to the new fareboxes and the new Value Card system is to convert to using TranLink by visiting TransLink is an efficient way to pay fares and it speeds boarding, and riders get the appropriate fare discount automatically. The old system of using Ride Value discount commute tickets to receive a fare discount will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED for fare payment AFTER Tuesday, June 30, 2009. There will be no grace period beyond that date.


Effective Monday, May 18, 2009, these farebox policies will be enforced

Beginning on Monday, May 18, the farebox (and not the bus operators) will determine what is valid and what is not. Bus operators will no longer handle money to assist customers having trouble with feeding their bills into the farebox.

Paying using Cash

Passengers must, whenever possible, use crisp bills which can be fed easily into the farebox. This speeds up boarding time and assists in keeping the bus on schedule. Bus operators will no longer assist with the “feeding” of bills into the farebox.


Customers MUST request a transfer as they board the bus and pay their fare. Bus operators will no longer be allowed to issue a courtesy transfer once the bus has departed the passenger's boarding point.

Change Cards

If you overpay using cash, change cards will only be issued for change that is due in amounts greater than $1, and change cards will not be issued for anything under $1.

Lost Value Cards

Value Cards that are lost will be replaced only if GGT can verify a report of the Value Card being used but not returned by the farebox (the farebox essentially eats the card). Allow at least ten business days for GGT to research and respond to any lost Value Card claims.