Transfers Within GGT Bus and Ferry System

Passengers may transfer between Golden Gate Transit (GGT) buses as well as between GGT buses and Golden Gate Ferries (GGF).

When transferring between buses or from a bus to a ferry, be sure to ask for a transfer before paying your fare as you board the bus. Each transfer may be used up to two times and for up to two hours within one county and three hours if you are traveling in more than one county.Travel must be within the date and time period indicated on the transfer.

Transferring from Ferry to Bus

Customers transferring from a Golden Gate Ferry to a Golden Gate Transit bus must pay their ferry fare when entering the ferry terminal and then their bus fare when boarding a bus. If paying with the Clipper card, ferry customers must "tag on" at the Ferry Terminal and then "tag on" when boarding the bus and then "tag off" when getting off the bus. Refer to our Fares Page for bus and ferry fares.

Transferring from Bus to Ferry

Customers must deposit the full transbay fare in the farebox when boarding the bus. A transbay transfer will be issued when you are paying your fare and it can be used to board a ferry. If paying with Clipper, be sure to "tag off" the bus and then tag the card again when entering the ferry gate; the appropriate discounted fare will be charged to the card. Refer to our Fares Page for bus and ferry fares.